Best Aquariums you can Buy Online and Locally

Picking out your aquarium is usually done based on what you find at your local pet store or what used tank someone is offering to sale to you. But you have a lot more options than that. There are many factors you should consider before picking up an aquarium; such as the types of species you will keep, the quality etc. Here is what I would recommend along with some guidance I can offer.

After searching around I found what I think would be the best aquarium to buy online and have it shipped would be the 50 gallon SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium (Amazon link). It is very strong acrylic and extremely lightweight for its size, which both those factors are great for shipping, but also great in your home for moving it around and working with it.

The SeaClear lives up to its brand name by being an extremely clear aquarium for viewing. Most people say the view is completely crystal clear and beats out the clarity of glass aquariums. Also the corners are unique in that they aren’t hard edges, they are rounded which gives it this modern feel but also allows for more viewing space at the corners.

The 50 gallon size is what I would definitely recommend as this opens up all sorts of opportunities for you in what types of fish you can keep and how many of them you can have. Also the size of it will make this impressive display piece in your home. And if you are a beginner then this will be a good starter size for you as well.

Why I choose the 50 gallon SeaClear Aquarium

When it comes to shipping I want that strength and lightweight that the SeaClear Acrylic offers. So you know when you receive it that it’s going to be in good shape. I have read lots of reviews and I haven’t seen any issues of damage or scratches from it being shipped even though it comes lightly packed.

All acrylic aquariums are more prone to scratching, but that’s about the only advantage that a glass tank has over acrylic. The acrylic on this tank is all one mold, so it’s extremely strong and you aren’t going to be in risk of it ever leaking.

This tank looks beautiful. The acrylic is pristine and clear, so the view of your fish and plants are going to pop out. People say it is much clearer when compared to glass. And like I said with the curved corners they essentially allow you to view the fish from any angle.

You can order the tank with many different options of color and sizes. The color only pertains to the background. You can get it in blue, black or clear.

I say get the 50 gallon as the size is just a beautiful display piece. But that opens up a bunch of opportunity for what kind of fish you can keep. You can make a big community tank with schools of tetras for example. You can easily keep angel fish or cichlids. You will also be able to keep lots of smaller species of plecos and catfish. And of course if you are doing a saltwater aquarium you can use this for a reef tank as well.

You have the option to get a smaller tank but I wouldn’t go smaller than the 30 gallon rectangular show. The reason is aquariums are easier to maintain when they are a little bigger. This is ideal for beginners. For example you don’t have to be as vigilant and strict with your water levels with a 50 gallon as you would with a 10 gallon. If some problem creeps up with the water pH or nitrite levels in a 10 gallon, it can be more serious as your fish don’t have any space to get away from the problem, the toxic water would circulate quicker. So generally bigger tanks are easier to keep your fish healthy and happy.

As I write this the SeaClear acrylic aquarium is on sale and offers free shipping on Amazon, check how low you can get this aquarium for on Amazon here.

All inclusive starter pack aquariums

The above SeaClear is listed as a combo pack because it does come with a light, but no bulb. So you have to get a bulb for it. However, you could also opt to get an entirely different lighting system, like some LED lights would be a beautiful addition.

If you are looking for an all inclusive starter pack then I would recommend the Tetra 55 gallon aquarium kit. This comes with everything you need to start off with. The tank, lights, filters, heaters and much more. It’s a beautiful well designed tank. It’s glass, so it’s way heavier than the SeaClear, but it would be a great setup.

If you wanted to go for something smaller and cheaper than you could look into this Aqueon Aquarium 10 gallon or 20 gallon (also an Amazon link). It comes with all the included accessories and seems to be serving people well.

Buying an aquarium locally

A lot of the pet stores will offer starter packs as well, the prices may be comparable, but likely higher. And you could get lucky that they offer something like the SeaClear acrylic, but I haven’t seen them in any of my local stores. 

Just keep in mind some of the ideas I talked about earlier. Go for something in the 50 gallon range more or less. Some acrylic designs will be much stronger and lighter, but glass is less prone to scratches.

If you are buying a used aquarium you definitely should do a leak test, and clean it up well. I give a lot of tips and guidance on this in my post how to clean an empty tank. But you could also consider doing a leak test on a new tank that has sides glued together with silicone as you never know.