Can Danios Eat Goldfish Food?

Written by Randy Martin
API Goldfish flake food

This has been asked a few times if danios can eat the food given to goldfish. I wanted to provide a clear answer on this.

So can danios eat goldfish food? Goldfish flake food is safe to be fed to danios. Typically goldfish food contains protein from shrimp sources and algae meal; both great for your danio. Although goldfish food isn’t heavy in protein. It’s best to feed your danios tropical flakes, frozen and live food sources.

From all the goldfish flake food I have checked out you are safe to feed it to danios, but there are a few things to be aware of.

Danios using goldfish flake food

Danios are pretty easy going when it comes to eating. They really are happy to consume almost anything given to them it seems.

They love small insects, blood worms and brine shrimp among other similar protein sources that are commonly used in fish aquariums.

They also will eat up algae as well and get some plant based food from this source, but primarily they are protein reliant.

In any case switching it up and keeping their diet somewhat varied would be the best approach.

For this reason feeding them goldfish flake food, for example, would definitely be fine. It’s different and will give them some variation. It’s usually beefed up with some vitamins and minerals with can only help.

The goldfish food will usually come with some shrimp and algae sources, but included in it usually you will find rice, gluten, oats etc. Not a common feed for danios, but in smaller amounts it’s ok.

Just make sure to keep feeding your danios better food sources at other times. Tropical fish flakes is great. And then adding in some live food here and there like blood worms, will really make them happy.

So basically it’s okay to feed your danios goldfish food, but other food sources is much better and even required to balance out the goldfish flakes.

Goldfish pellets

Pellets are a little different. They tend to be heavier in grain based food sources. There is even less protein and algae sources. So I would stay away from the goldfish pellets when feeding your danios.

But if your danio was gulping down pellets also, which I’m sure they would if given the chance, it wouldn’t be bad for them. It’s simply that other food sources are more nutritious for your danios. Especially to bring out their color, or to induce spawning if breeding, you would want a more appropriate food type.

On the other hand a lot of pellets float on the surface and many danios would enjoy eating off the surface like that. There are many danio species that frequent the surface often while hunting for insects to devour. I have them listed in my freshwater species that dwell at the surface article.

How much goldfish food to feed to danios

Since this is not what it’s commonly used for it’s a little difficult to say. But following the general guideline should be fine.

Feed them twice a day. Put in as much flakes as it takes them to eat it all up in about 2 minutes. Crush the flakes up if needed to make it easier to consume.

And as stated make sure to switch to tropical fish flakes for the next day or a different food source.

Or you could alternate the food type in the same day for different feedings.

Related Questions

Should I feed my goldfish and danios separately? In the case that goldfish and danios are kept together they can eat each others food sources fairly interchangeably. Get both goldfish flake food and tropical flake food to alternate the two. You may also use goldfish pellets that float while dropping in live feed or flakes for the danios.

Do danios eat algae? In the wild danios consume a fair amount of algae in their diet. Although, the biggest portion of their diet consist of small brine shrimp, worms, and insects.

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